Unearthing Customer Sentiments using NLP

Data driven organizations analyze customer behavior for better profitability

Deciphering the customer’s true feelings towards products and service will help organizations cater to them with better options and improve experience and relationships. Squeezing out the true intent requires intensive processing of unstructured text data and usage of Natural Language Processing techniques.

Customers are heavily influenced by peer reviews

A public review/post by a person about a brand or product does not simply stop with voicing their opinion. It also attracts attention of peers and their future decisions on the brand whose purchase is influenced by the sentiment behind the post. Analysis of social posts and comments thus becomes a potential influencer for increase or decrease in footfall at the nearby store.

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Key takeaways

  • An overview of customer sentiment analysis and its applications in selective industries
  • Learn how Aspire captures the sentiments behind customer responses using NLP techniques
  • How to Identify products and services that are craved for and those that need improvement?
  • Ideas for minimizing Customer Churn and strategizing targeted campaigns using the results of Sentiment Analysis


Sai Gopalakrishnan
Big Data Practice
Aspire Systems
Thomas V Joseph
Chief Data Scientist
Aspire Systems